Be very cool on the internet

Communicate with all your friends on the fediverse, no matter if they're on mastodon, pleroma, or any other fediverse software.
Send them fancy markdown animations! React to their posts with custom emoji!


I must become the strongest bocchi


Anyone know how I write examples?


Wowee isn't writing fun

That One Guy

What you're referring to as mastodon is actually the fediverse and...

Every way you could possibly want to express yourself and talk with people

Akkoma is a part of the "fediverse"; that means it's a social network with no central authority. You can follow and talk with anyone else that has an account on any other fediverse service, and you can even host your own server if you want.

It implements the ActivityPub protocol, a standard format for sharing data between servers. This allows us to send text and media to any other service implementing ActivityPub.

For those more familiar with the fediverse, Akkoma is a specialised fork of Pleroma. It is faster-paced in development and aligns itself more closely with Misskey than Pleroma mainline.
It differentiates itself with a focus on custom expression, for example with custom emoji reactions, or Misskey-Flavoured Markdown.

In short: Akkoma is part of a distributed social network. Sorta like the child of twitter and email.

What can I do with Akkoma?

  • Post statuses, with photos

    With unlimited attachments per post, you can share photos, videos, and more.

  • Follow people anywhere on the fediverse

    Keep up with your friends and collect them into lists to customise what posts you see!

  • React to your friends’ posts

    Have something to say, but not something you can put into words? React to posts with emojis!

  • Post Misskey Markdown

    Create fancy animations with rich markup!

  • Edit your posts, as many times as you want

    There's no limit to how many times you can edit your posts, so you can make sure they're perfect!

  • Quote your friends

    Want to comment on a post, but not in the same thread? Quote it!

  • Create polls

    Want to know what your friends think? Create a poll!

  • Use the Mastodon Frontend

    Got used to the multi-column layout? Use the Mastodon frontend! It just works (tm)

  • Enjoy a substantial speed upgrade

    Akkoma is consistently 30-50% faster than Pleroma when handling common operations!

Join an Akkoma instance today!

It's really easy to sign up and start posting! Try one of the following instances if you don't have one of your own.

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, hop on the #akkoma channel at ircs://, or the webchat at
or raise an issue on the gitea!

    • What is an 'instance'?

      An instance is one server running some fediverse software. It forms a network with all other instances, to create a social network

    • What is the fediverse?

      The fediverse is a network of independent servers running different social media software, all communicating through the ActivityPub protocol. It is a decentralized network, where each server is independent and can be run by anyone.

    • Why do I have to choose an instance?

      For the same reason you need to choose an email provider (like gmail). You need a way to send activitypub data, and an instance lets you do that.

    • Why did you fork from Pleroma?

      Long story. Boils down to not having faith that pleroma dev will ever recover. A longer-form explanation is available at

    • Why did you remove chats?

      Chats were incredibly poorly implemented in pleroma, and added far more complexity to the codebase than they were worth. It is my view that real-time chats do not fall into the scope of an activitypub implementation, and should be handled by a separate service. I have no plans to add them back in.

    • Is it possible to migrate to Akkoma from Pleroma?

      Yes, entirely! Check the documentation for more info.

    • Is it possible to migrate from Akkoma back to Pleroma?

      Yes, although it's not as easy. You'd have to roll back migrations, but all akkoma changes are 100% reversible and non-destructive.